Kiril Tarpov"An exceptionally successful debut…", "A Sunlight beam breaks through the gray skies of the capital's concert season..." These are just some of the media reviews after Kiril Tarpov's debut as a conductor and director with the performance of Stravinsky's "A Soldier's Tale" in 1981 in Bulgaria. Not much later Tarpov produces his first festival, "100 Years Igor Stravinsky". What follows are years of concerts and festivals throughout Europe and, of course, Bulgaria. In 1994, together with one of the most prominent members of the Bulgarian musical society, he establishes the Jeunesse Musical Foundation, and conducts its youth orchestra until 2002. He spearheaded the start-up of some of the most distinguished chamber orchestras for the period 1981 - 1995, including Collegium for XXth Century Chamber Art, Collegium Musicum Plovdiv, Plovdiv Youth Chamber Orchestra, Jeunesse Musicale Chamber Orchestra, and others. Kiril Tarpov was the first to conduct the premiere performances of a long list of works by Bulgarian composers, as well as the Bulgarian premieres of many XX century classics.

Since 1999 Tarpov lives and works in New York USA and Bulgaria. In collaboration with several US foundations he conducts cultural exchange programs between Bulgaria and the United States. In 2001, with a sponsorship by JP Morgan Chase, Tarpov becomes a member of ACDA and realizes his idea for a Bulgarian-American art forum "Festival of Light", where choirs from different US states perform in Bulgaria. Since 2003 Tarpov organizes the "Bulgarian Seasons in New York" festival. While living in the US, he conducts various orchestras in and around New York City. In 2004 he founded the Young Soloists of New York chamber orchestra, which in 2005 grew into Young Soloists of New York Chamber Society. He has conducted performances in Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Macedonia, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, and the US. Kiril Tarpov prefers musical works from the XX and XXI century.